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Things have changed. Thanks to the internet, most products are only a click away. Brick-and-mortar stores are under increasing pressure to deliver goods at prices and convenience that can be difficult to compete with. Consumers shop at ease online from their homes, comparing stores and finding the lowest prices.

What many consumers don’t consider is their local economy. While buying online may be the most convenient, it is not always the best option. All around us are locally owned businesses doing what they do best: fueling our local economy.

The next time you’re deciding between buying online or shopping locally, consider this:

  1. Local businesses = more sustainable. Since local businesses tend to buy from local suppliers and other businesses in their community, environmental impact is greatly reduced. That’s something we can get on board with.
  1. Local businesses keep more money in the community. On average, local businesses return 80% of each dollar back into their community. Each dollar spent will return up to 5 times that amount into the community through city taxes, employee wages, purchases of materials, etc. Need we say more?
  1. Local businesses create more jobs in the community. Small businesses are responsible for the majority of jobs in the United States. When you shop locally, you are helping members of your community support themselves and those around them. These workers are then able to contribute to the local economy and even more jobs are created.

When it comes to shopping local, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There’s not always going to be a convenient, local option for something you need. But when there is, use it! You never know what your dollar could do. So, what would make you shop local more often?

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